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“I purchased Arflicious for my 4-legged niece’s 15th birthday.  Being a bday party, there were many dog treats and I am proud to say that my girl chose me – er- my treats as her favorite!  Once she had a taste, she passed over the other store brands and wanted more Arflicious brought by her favorite uncle!  (and the mom was thrilled at the quality too).  Thank you so much for helping me remain the #1 Uncle and providing me with the best birthday gift at the party”
Darin Squire, DarinsDesk

I bought my friends dog a bag for a Christmas gift. His dog loved it and I felt very comfortable in the fact that there wasn’t harmful products in it.
Also, I gave it to another friend for her cats, who often bored of their treats before the package is finished, driving her nuts. They didn’t bore of this treat. They also have health issues, their food + treats need to be very clean of chemicals, otherwise a vet visit is needed. My friend + I had no worries with this treat. Its a treat to give a treat you don’t have to worry about.
Lee Jepson, Nutrition Consultant, EnjoyFoodHealthLife

My cat Mitsue loves the chicken and beef Meowlicious treats. She gobbles it up instantly and I know I’m giving her a healthy treat with the best ingredients.
Joni Moriyama, StudioDalmori

Just wanted to let you know, Joanne, that my dog goes crazy about your dog treats and my cat, Thomas, loves them too. They are so good, they seem to say, “Give me the whole bag…at once!”

I don’t think I have ever had such a 100% response from them on any other product that I have given them.

You’ve done a great job and I hope you are very successful with this Joanne. I also liked that both my cat and dog loved this treat so I didn’t have to open two bags!
Sheryll Reid

I gave my puppy Princess the sample I was given, apparently, it wasn’t enough as it was in my hand one minute and gone the next with her begging for more. Where can I place an order?? It seems we have a favorite! I can’t comment on the taste, I will trust Princess on that, but I was happy to give her something that was all natural. I liked the packaging as I could see what was in it as well as the analysis, ingredients and best before date being clearly displayed.
Lija Kivlis

I got a sample of Arflicious beef treats for my friend’s dog, P.J. I had left it on the dining room table and our cat Momo found it by accident and had a field day ripping through the plastic bag & eating half of the treat. Momo even wanted more & he was a ‘bad’ cat for stealing P.J.’s treat.. Anyway, we ordered a 100% Chicken treat for Momo & I showed him the bag & he started jumping up at the bag & sniffing it. I just gave him a small piece & I can hear him purring away & enjoying his treat. He loves it ! He wants more….
Peggy Lyew

“Riley is crazy for your treats.  He chooses to inhale rather than savor which is a sign of true love to him.”
Heather McCallum

Mr. Kelly (the dog) is certainly enjoying his new treats. I like the fact that they are thin strips of chicken, not like another brand I tried sometime ago — he wasn’t able to chew that type.


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